Aerial Photography & Video

Our aerial photography & video solutions bridge the gap between ground based aerial photography systems, manned helicopters and planes. All of the services that we offer can be achieved from a small take-off and landing footprint causing minimum disturbance and noise. 
Public and Charitable Buildings and Estates
National trust estates and other significant charitable buildings have benefitted from increasing their visibility and allowing the public to see more than was previously possible.  The ongoing maintenance work at properties like these can be monitored and used to keep members and friends of these public and private sites of interest abreast of progress.
Residential Property
We can provide an almost limitless range of vantage points from altitudes of 10 - 125 metres above the ground at an oblique tilt or even plan view which to get the best image of the property that you are selling.  Aerial vantage points allow not only the house to be seen at its best, but also surrounding gardens and land that borders the property. 
Commercial Property
When trying to sell commercial property an emphasis on the positive aspects of the site's location and its prime position within the local infrastructure is critical. Aerial photography provides the perfect eye-catching image that provides your customer with an instant feel for the property and location.
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We offer a service that includes a range of shots to enable you to choose the most appropriate approach for your needs and your customer's needs, these include:- 
•    Close up - showing signage and overall condition and site layout
•    Immediate locale - showing the local surroundings, access roads, car parks, amenities, etc.
•    Relative locale - showing your building in relation to other high profile businesses in the area
•    Wide - showing the local transport and road links and your site's relationship to the city centre, motorway access points, rail or road links
Off-Plan Marketing and Development
When selling a vision, such as a view from the window of a penthouse flat which does not yet exist.  It can be difficult to convey the views that the potential new owner, or indeed investor, will appreciate.  We can provide 360 panoramic images that show exactly what the prospective owner will see from there window when the property is completed.